CrossFit and Life

Had my crossfit workout 5:30 this morning.  It was a workout I feel I did not do my best in.  The workout was wallballs at 20# hitting a 9ft target and also heavy kettlebell swings at 53#.  You start off at 3reps each then you go up by 3reps each time so start off at 3 reps ‘heavy’ wall balls, 3 reps ‘heavy’ kb swings then 6 each, 9 each and so forth until 8min is over.  It was an 8min AMRAP. After the first 3 reps of 20#, going into the next set of 6 reps each, I immediately switched to the 14# medicine ball because it was pretty heavy and I was barely hitting the target and knew it would just get harder as time passes.

After every workout, I usually take in a lesson… I ask myself if I put in my best within the given time I had, I ask myself if there were things I did wrong, and what improvements I could have made to be better.  CrossFit is much like life in many ways.  One similarity is that we are given a certain amount of time to accomplish certain things (movements).  The more effort we put in, the better and stronger person (athlete) we become.

Today I didn’t do my best because I probably could have done the Rx 20# medicine ball but knew it would slow me down tremendously because I felt like I wouldn’t hit my target at every rep.  I would have to take more chances to be able to hit it successfully.  It’s like life in that sometimes you fail and that you have to keep trying and work harder in order to hit your targets/ goals.  Sometimes it will take a little longer than usual but you need patience with yourself.  Sometimes you need to slow down in order to make it count and to make it perfect.  There is no need to rush.

Also, I know I usually do my best when in the end, I am left gasping for breath and that I feel I exerted all my effort and gave in 110% focus in the task at hand. But today I did not push myself pass that point.  Today, I took the easy way out and scaled down.  I felt fine at the end and didn’t even a break a sweat although going up to 21reps WB + 17KB swings.   It felt hard but did not have me at the floor gasping for air.  I know I didn’t push myself pass my limitations.

But in the end,  this is a reminder that not every day (workout), I am going to “PR”.  Some days are going to be better than others.  Sometimes I’ll succeed, sometimes I am going to suck and feel I could have done way better.  Sometimes I’ll have to take a step back or two and sometimes, I’ll take more steps forward towards the right direction.  But again, like life, I take in this lesson with me and will apply it the next time I am faced with a challenge (WOD).


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