New Week, New Goals..

So the weekend is over and Monday is a day some usually dread because it’s the start of the “work week”… but there’s good things about Mondays.  Although I’m pretty spontaneous sometimes and like to wing things, in a way, I also like structure and routine. What I like about it is planning around “work” and other responsibilities.  I like to have weekly goals so Monday is a great start for new goals.  I have to implement discipline and balance my life through the week to achieve those goals.   It’s like a challenge of fitting in pieces of a puzzle together.  Each piece would represent an area of life – church, work, family, fitness, health, friends, etc. And as each piece comes together, it creates the bigger picture and a sense of completeness/ self-fulfillment.  A few of my goals I set for this week are:

  • Run 5 miles total this week (haven’t ran in a while due to shin splints!)
  • Practice sprints and drills on the track (also has been a while)
  • CrossFit 5 times this week
  • Attend at least 1 bible study
  • Complete my annual performance review for work
  • Complete all my responsibilities at work
  • Do a volunteer activity – help build a home w/ Habitat for Humanity
  • Sleep by 9:30-10 (I already broke this today 😀 )  <–definitely something I need to work on!
  • Study at least 5 hours
  • 10,000 steps/ day minimum- just regular walking (this is in addition to workouts)

At lunch, I took a walk while listening to my audiobook.  I always stuff my backpack w/ gym clothes for lunch but some days like today, I like to take advantage of working in the city and just take a walk.  Simple, no change of clothes needed …  just some flats or my wedge boots.  It’s so refreshing just being outdoors, especially in San Francisco.  Especially if super busy at work, it’s just a good way to reset my mind so once I get back to work, I feel more energized and my brain has more clarity to tackle the tasks I need to accomplish.  This is one of my views during the walk.

I <3 SF

By the end of the day, I made at least 10,371 steps (yay! I met my goal for today).  This app that was already installed on my phone is pretty accurate.  It really does count the steps you take when your phone is on you.  I figured, I should keep track out of curiosity of how much I walk.  I do have a desk job so I need to be as active as possible and make every little thing count!

Number of Steps for Jan 06 2014

Number of Steps for Jan 06 2014

My workout was just CrossFit today, the WOD was a surprise and I could see why.  The WOD ended up being a 1 mile run.  This was after the 6×2 Push Press Strength Lift which is the current strength cycle.  I haven’t ran in a while (probably just once in the past month) because I was still recovering from Shin Splints.  Based on researching,  the only way to fully recover from Shin Splints are mobility exercises/ stretches, icing and unfortunately, just refraining from running and fully resting the shins.  I was not in the mood to run.  It was cold out and it made me nervous not having ran in a while but I knew I had to so when coach said 3-2-1-Go, I just went. It’s all mental for me though.  Sometimes I psyche myself out prior, but while I run, I talk to myself a lot and pray a lot when I run too.  I don’t listen to music because it gets in the way of my thoughts.  Ultimately, it’s about not giving up or slowing down no matter what – I relate running a lot to life (yeah I’m pretty corny :P). Right now, my lungs still hurt because of all the cold air I breathed in my lungs but surprisingly I finished the mile at 6:58-a new PR for me!  Once again, glad I ended up doing it!  It reminds me …”Don’t give up before you try!” because you just never know! Happy Monday!! 😀

Myster Monday WOD

Myster Monday WOD


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